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Because life is full of choices...

We choose to repurpose with a purpose-We dig through the trash, rescuing wine bottles, turning them into beautiful candles in order to give back to some amazing causes.  Portion of proceeds from each candle sale benefit some important local and national causes.  Not only do we use reclaimed wine bottles, our packaging includes reclaimed bike tubes and recycled paper.  It matters to us to reuse items that would otherwise end up in the landfill. 

We choose to use only 100% beeswax- Creating 100% beeswax candles is a priority for us here at Because Project.  We pride ourselves on steering clear of the gmo, toxic, world of wax. The benefits of beeswax are numerous (check out our FAQ page for more details) and we source wax from local beekeepers we know and trust.  Our beeswax is important to us and we know you will see the difference in these bright burning, air purifying, happy candles.    

We choose 100% essential oils-Sorry folks, no synthetic "flavors" found in our candles.  We source only the best therapeutic essential oils.  We also don't overload our candles with the oils, allowing the natural scent and essence of the beeswax to be the hero.

Feel good choosing to invest in the Because Project.  We truly are a cause driven company.  To put it simply, the more you buy the more we can give.  So buy one, two, heck why not five. 

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